Interior Decorating

If you're moving into a new home and you're handling the stress of getting your old home ready for sale, you have a lot on your plate.  It can be a difficult transition and sometimes you don't have a clue how you want your new home to look.  You have some furniture that you brought with you but you'd like a fresh, new look to live in.  Maybe you need assistance with your entire home or just one room.  We can help!  We have the ability to see how each decorating decision, no matter how small, effects everything else in your home. 

We begin with a consultation about what you envision and how we can get you there. This is when we discuss style and color preferences, budget and the scope of your project. While we're there to facilitate the process, it is still your home, and your input is invaluable.  We welcome strong points of view, so if you know what you love, don't be afraid to say what you think.

We'll respect your budget.  One of the biggest misconceptions about decorators is that by hiring one you are kissing your budget goodbye. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Be honest and realistic about finances from the get-go and we'll deliver the best results possible.

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, French country, industrial, shabby chic, rustic, once you know we're in touch with your style, we'll deliver something truly amazing.  Call us today for a free consultation!